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Use AI to optimize voice search to improve your website content

More and more Internet users are using voice search to search for content on the Internet.

Businesses can involve AI in SEO processes to make their content more visible in these search results.

All over the world, more and more people are multitasking to save time. Since their hands can be occupied with another task, individuals can simply call Siri, Alexa, Cortana, or any smart voice assistant to get specific information about something or to perform a different, but equally important, task simultaneously. Some studies have shown that 48% of internet users may prefer voice search mechanisms over the standard process for general web searches. SEO optimization for voice searches can be tricky as the spoken language contains more regional inflections and nuances that need to be factored into the process. Using AI in SEO optimization can solve this problem. Already, AI is a convenient technology for the ideation and curation of content. Involving technologies such as natural language processing and AI in SEO optimization enables your business to create content that will perform well in the visibility of voice search results.


AI in SEO: optimization of existing content

Normally, keyword phrases are generated by internal content reviewers before companies create brand new content. Then the content posted on their website is built around such phrases. This process allows that content to be visible and well ranked in typed search results. On top of that, for voice searches, AI and NLP analyze already created content before suggesting any SEO related changes. The involvement of AI in SEO involves crawling thousands of web pages with similar types of content. Based on the SEO performance of the benchmark datasets, AI recommends specific keywords to use for this purpose. After incorporating the AI-based changes, the content becomes much more SEO friendly.

AI in SEO: keyword extraction and topic discovery

As stated earlier, AI can perform data analysis to find SEO related keyword phrases in given content. Additionally, these analytics can be used to find SEO related information from other websites and content forums. These analytics allow businesses to “pull” keywords based on the SEO performance of external content sources. Additionally, AI analyzes market trends to recommend topics for businesses to create brand new content. In short, AI makes it easier to make the content currently posted on your website more SEO friendly and to create content in the future using such keywords.

The involvement of AI in SEO optimization for voice searches can go much deeper than these two points. Thus, investing in integrating AI-based tools and applications for this purpose is very useful in improving the visibility of your digital content.