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GoDaddy Promises Faster Billing Processing Time for Web Designers

GoDaddy has announced another update to its payments offering – the addition of a new set of billing and payment features to make the process easier for web designers and developers.

Through the use of an integrated user interface, the new functionality was made possible by technology acquired through the acquisition of Poynt GoDaddy in December 2020.

The feature is expected to go live this month to a limited subset of the company’s GoDaddy Pro audience, before rolling out to more customers over time.

Simplified billing

Speaking at the launch, Tara Wellington, Product Manager for the GoDaddy Pro Hub, said: “At GoDaddy, we know how busy our customers are with the day-to-day tasks of running their own businesses.

“With GoDaddy Billing and Payments, we’re giving our GoDaddy Pro members a new solution to more efficiently manage their business billing and payments. “

GoDaddy has focused on removing the need for third-party tools to manage and create invoices. GoDaddy also notes that collecting online payments is one of the most requested features by professionals due to the limited number of alternatives on the market.

The feature allows GoDaddy customers to manage all of their accounts and invoices in one place, including the ability to view past invoices or payments, track payments / expectations / overdue, issue refunds and receipts , among others.

GoDaddy Billing and Payments allows customers to create and send an invoice for free, although there is a per-transaction fee for collecting payments online with GoDaddy Payments.

“With this new functionality, GoDaddy will help me organize and manage all of my clients’ invoices and track them all in one place,” said Mike Campbell, GoDaddy Client, Business Development Specialist at MC Dynamic.

“GoDaddy makes it easier for an entrepreneur like me to manage and grow my business in a seamless manner. “